30WLED Panel Light

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30WLED Panel Light
Product Name : 30WLED Panel Light
Product Model : 30WLED

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    Product Character


    1. Slim and elegant design, the entire light weight 2.5KG (with power)
    2. Simple structure, easy maintenance, self DIY, do not have to back to the factory repair
    3. High luminous efficiency, up to 2 m height lighting 750LUX, about 1.5 to 2.5 Ping Ping irradiated area
    4. The use of the world's sixth-largest brand in Taiwan Meanwell power, won the multi-national safety certification, quality guaranteed
    5. Use low SGS Taiwan billion light blue chip, eye protection, health and comfort
    6. SGS low light decay certified 6000 hours lighting decay of 3.2%, about 30,000 hours of life
    7. Long life, high color, no flicker, no radiation, comparable to natural light, super energy saving 70%
    8. surface easily contaminated dust, cleaning and maintenance easier