LED Patio lights

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LED Patio lights
Product Name : LED Patio lights
Product Model : Patio_lights

Q'ty :


    Product Character


    1. The all-aluminum heat sink design, effectively extending the service life
    2. Innovative light angle design, up to 100LM per watt, a wider and more uniform illumination
    3. The use of Taiwan's top three big fab design light, super energy saving over 50%
    4. The use of the world's sixth-largest brand in Taiwan Meanwell power, won the multi-national safety certification, quality guaranteed
    5. SGS low light decay certified 6000 hours lighting decay of 3.2%, about 30,000 hours of life
    6. Long life, high color, no flicker, no radiation, comparable to natural light
    7. 300WLampLUX:
      • Approximately 15M....180LUX
      • Approximately 10M....450LUX
      • Approximately 5M....1800LUX